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Q Investments Ltd. is a global focused financial services company, advising clients in all aspects of investment management around the world. We add value to our clients by drawing on our own expertise and the combined resources of our business partners.

We offer investments in our “Profiler Portfolio” a globally diversified investment portfolio via participation certificates.

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WSJ.com: Markets

WSJ.com: Markets

17.11.17: How GE Can Win Back Investors
A strong market for industrial assets gives GE a chance to win investors back after the company’s dividend cut.

17.11.17: The Winning Formula for Tech IPOs
Tech investors may be pickier, but they are still willing to welcome new entrants—at the right price, as Stitch Fix learned this week.

17.11.17: Tesla Changes the Subject
Elon Musk needs more focus as he grapples with Model 3 production issues.

17.11.17: Why It Has Been So Hard to Win the Spinoff Trade
Corporate spinoffs such as Ferrari, from Fiat Chrysler, and PayPal, from eBay, have a well-documented history of outperforming the market. But the few funds that invest exclusively in spinoffs haven’t.

17.11.17: Upbeat Moody's Misses the Mark on India
Moody’s has upgraded India’s sovereign debt for the first time in more than a decade. Investors should question the timing.

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